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SLOM Hand wash, trusted Germ Protection formula that keeps you healthy and protected from 100 illness causing germs.

I am a hand-wash person. I never sit on my dinner table without washing my hands, neither that whenever I come back from outside the first thing I do is to wash my hands. Not only me, I have made this habit to my sons too. And to make hands totally germ free what else could be the best hand-wash .

I just Love It. I m Using this hand wash since Last years and till Now I m Satisfied.

I am using this hand wash for quite a long time. I really like the fact that it’s soft on my skin and not too harsh.

Good for protection and make our skin good ...

completely satisfied with the purchase and Have been using this for quite a while now and I always re-order it when the pack is about to finish. It doesn't seem to harm the skin or make it dry. The skin feels natural after every wash with no feel of moisture loss.

It's a great hand wash, gentle and soft on your hands, it smells great and lather good.

It is good that it removes oily and greasy dirt from hand. Also removes smell of food smell better. Smell is fine.

Excellent for daily use for my entire family.

its really too good and its fragrance is very fresh and cool type....close your eyes and go for it...its really amazing.

What i really liked about this handwash is it's fragrance It's amazing.

I liked everything about this product and this is the third pack I am buying.

Nice fragrance.excellent product at good price.