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I really had a very oily scalp but this shampoo has made my hair smooth and silky. Also has reduced my hair breakage problem, my permanent favourite from now on βœ…

I really had a very oily scalp but this shampoo has made my hair smooth and silky. Also has reduced my hair breakage problem, my permanent favourite from now on.

Great product , using since last 5 months, it stopped my hair fall.

I like the product.

Worthable shampoo...best ever used... itself my hair is very soft and shiny...trustworthy!!

Amazing shampoo the biggest factor that I like this product is that its herbal and devoid of harmful chemicals.Add to it the extra moisturizing effect leaves the hair nourished.

Mild shampoo, can be used for daily washes.

After using this shampoo it leaves my hair soft and Shiny.Its shampoo is better than other products which contain harmful chemicals and leads to early graying of hairs.

I loved this shampoo... My hair is so good... πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

it's very good shampoo..I prefer to buy it.

Good product have been using for a long time...

I loved this shampoo... My hair is so good... πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Real herbal product, no hair fall during head bath, mild fragrance very nice, i will order again.

it's very good shampoo..prefer to buy it.

Very nice product. So natural,,,no hair fall at all.

nice product and very useful for scalp.

Shampoo was controlling hairfall very quickly..i am using this product for past three months.

better shampoo for hair care.

After use my hair strong and healthy.

It is fine and healthy for hair growth no side effect compare to other shampoo its excellent good quality good result.

Wonderful and effective. My hair has always been healthy but was drying out due to the weather and pollutants. This shampoo has made it lustrous and brought it back to life again.

One of the best shampoos available in the market today and the best variant of all FE shampoos. It really Does wonders to your hair and I could feel the difference at the first wash itself.

Using for last 1 week good cleanser for dandruff

I have been using many shampoos but my hair has always been brittle. I washed my hair once with this and used the conditioner later. I haven't ever seen my hair this shiny, unbrittle, and smooth. A lot of volume. Never using anything else

I switched to slom aloe shampoo this June because I was missing everything about India in the lock down. This shampoo with the conditioner made a visible difference to my hair right from the first wash. My hair looks voluminous, hair fall reduced, it looks healthy and bouncy. It illuminates my golden highlights and repairs the damage due to the colouring and regular blow drying

My hair fall is reduced after using this product.

This shampoo is your one stop solution for dull hair!! It has made my hair soft, smooth and very manageable. I love anything organic and natural so this is a very good option for those who wish to switch to a chemical free shampoo. Thank you SLOM!!

I’m in love with this shampoo. It makes my hair silky soft. I had previously dyed my hair so I wanted to switch to a natural based shampoo and this is my one stop solution. It’s so mild, perfect for summer.

Best quality product , I am using this brand product since 6 months it's all product are good This product has best quality , I am using it personally. It is a advanced hair fall solution

This worked out for me. Nice Shampoo Makes my Scalp Cool for a little while ..Enjoy Having a Shower and Treats Your hair with a great Refreshment.

too good... Combination of aloe Vera and Onion is really amazing could see the difference in 2-3 days only. A must try product.

Nice shampoo. I am impressed with the content of the ingredients. My hair is loving it. Awesome effects on my hair, my hair getting smoother and shinier too.

After using tis shampoo it leaves my hair soft and Shiny. This shampoo is better than other products which contain harmful chemicals and leads to early graying of hairs

After using tis shampoo it leaves my hair soft and Shiny. This shampoo is better than other products which contain harmful chemicals and leads to early graying of hairs

Awesome product. Just within one week got results. My hair fall noticeably reduced. Hair feels more smooth and shiny. Surely will order for next time

My hair became so beautiful after applying a shampoo like I heard from someone abt this shampoo , it is very good for hair. In fact, when I used this shampoo I liked my hair very much... It became glowing... This is really very awesome shampoo loved it πŸ’˜ it... … For beautiful ND shineyyyyy Hair just go for it... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Its amazing, using since last 2 months. Wish to buy again. Good for my hair shampoo is just amazing ,the name itself denotes its chemical free ,it suits all types of hair ,specially for dry hair and hair fall ,

This is a amazing natural shampoo with no chemicals. I was facing the problem of dandruff in my hair. The surprising thing is that I was free of dandruff in just one wash.!! So I advise every one to use this shampoo. So use this shampoo after applying oil.

It is the best shampoo for removing dandruff and silky hair. You must try it and definately you shall like it ,so happy to have it. Thank you soo much for this amazing product SLOM

great product, smooth quality and nice aroma

Very good product

The shampoo is amazing.quality is very good.must buy it.

this is too good before this product my hair is dry and dull but now my hair is beautiful

Just wow! It works good.

Loved it so much

It's make my hair soo soft and silky . It's leather very well and makes my hair soo fresh around 2 days

My 2nd purchase..best shampoo with a kind of hebal smell.... this is perfect for my hair...it reduces my hairfall and dandruff...i used daily..reviewing after 1st bottle use more than half..and buying this second time...

This cleanser I bought for my aunt..I trust this will help her to regrow the hair and its really thick shampoo quantity is good smells nice it also free from harsh chemicals

This is really good for dry scalp if you use it atleast 2times in a week

I liked the shampoo as it is free of chemicals,no hairfall while washing hair,I am satisfied

It actually reduces my hair fall, but it didn't do anything for softness, I don't need that anyways, I'm happy cause it reduces my hair fall...

Makes skin replnish..best for dry hair ..must try ..just loving it..

Very good product. Just right amount of everything-Foam, fregrance etc.

I've been using this for a very long time now and it suits my dry and frizzy hair. Highly recommended!

From last 1 years I love this shampoo and slom aloe shampoo does not dry out my hairs Budget friendly and nice cleanser Thank you slom.

Love this Slom Aloe shampoo not at all harsh for hair. Cleans hair nicely, smell is also very light.

I love this product it didn’t made my hair dry much n it does lather n this is hydrating aloe Vera which doesn’t makes hair dry.

It has aloevera in it wow SLOM never disappoints

This is best herbal mild shampoo. Makes hair super soft and non frizzy. Will buy another bottle sure.

Gives shine Reduces hairfall Conditioning hairs After 3 wash will noticed

After using this for a month now, I found good results on my hair. It became more smooth and frizz free now.

Repairs scalp. Make hair silky and shiny. Smells good.

It's a liquid shampoo, good at use

Amazing product...must buy for girls

After trying several Anti-dandruff shampoos, I have finally rested my faith on this shampoo. It actually healed my itchy scalp and reduced the dandruff in my hair. It doesn't completely dry my hair like others because its a foam based shampoos. I am truly satisfied with the results of this shampoo on my hair.

I have oily scalp. This product is a savior.

"Soft and nice" It gently washes your hair without dryness.

I love to use this one. Aloe vera really helps to repair dead skin on the scalp.

It helps in preventing dryness and roughness doesn't really work on hair fall issue but over all good shampoo to try

This one is a great choice especially for winter months when the dandruff is at its peak. It has a very subtle and mild smell and is purely natural as the ingredients label say✌️ Thank you SLOm for developing a paraben free shampoo.

Well, its good for dandruff and itchy scalps. I have used this for a year now... N it's really good. It helps to give you a healthy scalp